January 2, 2006



TechCrunch – Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without

December 30, 2005

There have been numerous 2005 “best of? and 2006 “predictions? posts over the last few weeks as the year comes to an end. I’m not going to write one of those. Giving out “best of? awards seems presumptuous to me, given that I’ve been blogging all of six months. And while predictions are fun, they aren’t all that useful in the end.

What I do want to write about as I reminisce about the year ending in a couple of days are the Web 2.0 companies that I love and use every day.

I’ve tested over a thousand products this year, and have written about hundreds. And while some of the companies I write about get very positive reviews, I find that the only true test of the value of a product is its staying power: do I continue to use the product, and maybe even pay for it, as the days and months go by?

So for those of you that are curious, here is a short list of the companies that have held my attention, and that I would not choose to live without on the web:


I have a love/hate relationship with Bloglines, but they’ve recently improved performance dramatically, and I really like that I can see the number of subscribers for each feed. This was the hardest one to include on the list, but at the end of the day I couldn’t leave them off.


I use Del.icio.us multiple times every day to store and retrieve bookmarks. I freely admit that there are better solutions out there and I may very well switch to one of them in the near future, but you have to hand it to Del.icio.us for inventing the social bookmark phenomenon.


I love the statistics Feedburner provides on feed readership and has lots of advanced features that are important to me. And despite what I’ve written in the past, I know and trust the FeedBurner team. I just wish they’d get rid of the advertisement on my feed page. -)


I enjoy Flickr more and more every day. I like seeing what my friends are up to based on the photos they upload as well as getting comments from others on my pictures. And I am starting to go back and upload old sets of photos from years ago. Flickr is just perfect.


The Measure Map blog analytics tool created by Adaptive Path gives me incredible insight into who is looking at what on TechCrunch. They need to deal with the speed issue for larger blogs though (it takes minutes sometimes to pull up stats, or just breaks).


Memeorandum is how I keep up on the blogosphere when I don’t have time to read all of my feeds. It has also changed what I blog about, and how. Memeorandum is a cultural phenomenon.


Yeah, there are a lot of Ajax desktops out there, but Netvibes seems to stay ahead of the pack on functionality. The flickr stuff is great. Plus, how can I not love a service that includes TechCrunch as a default feed? -)


I’ve been waiting for something like this forever. I forsee a day when a service like Omnidrive comes packaged with a new PC, or is offered alongside web email solutions. I’ve only had it for a few days, but I’m smitten. And fair disclosure: there are some awesome competitors out there, too, that I am just starting to look at.


I listen to Pandora whenever I write – sometimes for hours a day. I’ve discovered countless new artists from it.


What can I say? Along with Vonage, Skype keeps my phone bills down to next to nothing, and it is an integral part of my everyday business and personal life. I would trade application sharing for the new video feature in a heartbeat, however.


I use it more than Google. No one has launched anything better, yet. And they’ve made great progress in search speed over the latter half of the year.


I love WordPress. Actually, let me rephrase that statement: I love WordPress 1.5. Version 2.0 makes me want to throw my laptop out of the window. But it is an amazing piece of software, and all of my blogs run on it.

Yahoo Maps

I use Yahoo Maps because it allows multi-point driving instructions, something none of the others offer yet. This was incredibly useful when I had to attend three or four holiday parties on the same evening.


Near-Time: 网络??作引领Web2.0?务

December 29, 2005
Spacer Study form Near-Time 。。。 


AlwayStudy今日收到Near-Time站长Brian Flannery??的试用邀请,得以测试这个被分享2.0称为“网络????务?的站点。

Near-Time的商业站点http://www.near-time.com/?以得知,所测试的在线?务实际上就是利用一款类似于微软早些时候收购的”虚拟办公室”(Groove Networks)的系统?建的,两个版本的售价分别为$49.95和$99.90。



?过简?设置,我们建立了AlwayStudy Group,我们的会员?以通过??邀请信加入。




Near-time网络????务, 用户?以创建团体空间, 整?群体?客, wiki和日程. ?型?业, 工作组以?一些专业人员将是Near-time的目标用户, 它??供一个中心化的交?沟通平?, 方便团组互动,??作和知识分享, 无需安装软件.

[From AlwayStudy

Web2.0: 2006年?言系列

December 29, 2005


2006 Web2.0预言一: SNS大收缩


2006 Web2.0预言二: BSP管???出?

在广大?客的呼声中《BSP管???(?案)》出?. ??报刊影?力的日益下?, ?客领域将?为??的宣传阵地. “?客是一个宣传的阵地, 如果我们?去?领, 就会被敌人?领”, “把支部建在BSP上”, ?为有识之士的共识. 有网?估计, 目?我国的民主政治建设比美国好5?, 届时?能达到现在的50?. 网上将出现高度一致的和?声音.

2006 Web2.0预言三:80% BSP会消失或?为僵尸


RSS?务,包括READER和BURNER越?越?能满足阅读?求, 弊病凸显. 以RSS为??的?作已?过时, ?而代之的是RSS ?目?作. 它将以FeedBurner的?目存储, Google的?目评价拉开?幕. RSS改?势在必行.
分类广告将完全被中介信???, 分类广告失去诚信.
                            ???Web2.0Focus, 关注该关注的… (未完??待续)
2??6年??大web 2.0预言
  1. Technorati将被收购。Technorati大家该?会陌生?。在没看内容之?,我?下认为Technorati应该被Yahoo?收购,居然blogherald和我想的一样。Yahoo!看样?注定??为Web 2.0 killer了。??惜Flickr和Del.icio.us被收购?三天两头宕机,yahoo还得多注??是。
  2. SixApart?会被出售。blogherald预言SixApart?能在2??6年进行IPO(首次公开募股),然?在Nasdaq上市,预计市值将达到2亿美元?
  3. Nick Denton将出售Gawker Media。尽管Nick Denton曾多次声明?会出售Gawker Media,?过世事难料,就?大多数人想?到mop收购donews一样。
  4. MSN Spaces用户将超过1亿。这个似乎?以实现。
  5. blog数?将达到4亿。今年7月,blogherald的统计数?是:全?大约有7000万个网志。
  6. blog网络将得到巩固
  7. blog广告将(?次)??
  8. 针对blog的规则将更多。这个,我想中国blogger最有?言?了。
  9. 政治blog将继续失去在blog圈的影?力。
  10. 将新出现15?家web 2.0公?,但是将以全军覆没告终。




December 27, 2005



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